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About Us

As an Elder Planning Counselor, Fraternal Insurance Counselor and Certified Financial Planner®, I strive to ensure that every client has the opportunity to realize their financial dreams. Whether your goal is to save for a new home, save for retirement, protect loved ones from financial losses, or manage your portfolio wisely, I have the experience and resources to meet your needs.

Jeremiah Renner, EPC, FIC, CFP®

Elder Planning Counselor
Fraternal Insurance Counselor
Certified Financial Planner®
Portfolio Strategies Corporation

I provide independent financial advice to ensure that every financial plan I prepare for a client is based on unbiased research.

I value a client's trust above everything else and once a client makes a decision to work with me, I continually work hard to deserve their trust.

My primary goal is to ensure that all key aspects of each client's financial plan are addressed in a manner consistent with professional financial planning practices.

Combined with my dedication to my clients, my long term experience in financial planning allows me to provide unparalleled expertise when helping my client to increase their wealth, reduce their risks and lower their taxes.